Big River Armour Floor


Every board is engineered from five layers of Australian eucalypt hardwood sheets bonded together to form a solid, stable floorboard. Each layer has its grain aligned at right-angles to the next, creating an extremely stable structure. Engineered Overlay is peeled from around the tree, slightly carbonized in the process then supplied “raw” without coating for installation and is then sanded and coated on site.


These Australian made products have been manufactured exclusively in Australia by the Big River Group in from managed regrowth and plantation forest hardwoods at their Grafton Mill since the early 1900’s.
We have loved living on Big River ArmourFloor in our homes & know you will too.
We have used so many of their products in so many applications over many years & have been happy to grow with them & their development of products along the way.


Big River’s Uncoated Engineered Australian Hardwood Flooring is installed RAW & then the coating of your choice is applied.
The special cross-ply manufacturing process creates boards with the genuine beauty of forest timbers but with greater resistance to shrinkage than solid timber boards.
Armourfloor® hardwood flooring remains stable in air-conditioned environments, over heated slabs and adjacent to patio doors and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Big River hardwood flooring is Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) Chain of Custody certified.
Fully warranted over floor heating & are the most stable timber floor products available on the market.

Please visit their website for further product details  & visit our showroom display.