These Marie Antoinette Aged European Oak Parquetry Panels were laid out in a diagonal pattern & glued over a sealed concrete sub-floor.

The parquetry in this instance has an inlay strip routed in & retro fitted after the panels were installed.
We then drum sand the panels which gives the floor a less perfect look & enhances the style of this very special parquetry.

The Marie Antoinette panels were designed for the French Palace of Versailles & the pattern has ever since been patented.

There are many designs available in the French style, but also many British styles which we also have samples of in our showroom, of course with any finish or stain you desire.

If you would like parquetry floor with a border or an inlay with your own or a custom design made from parquetry blocks, they are loosely installed, the border is cut out & then the inlay strip is installed when all the flooring is glued down.