High Quality Laminate Flooring

We have been working together with Quick-Step Floor Designers & Premium Floors for over 20 years.
Their products are & always have been reliable with good warranties & of the highest quality available for the best price. We have an extensive display of these floors in our showroom & you can also view further information & colour selections for these products online. These can be professionally installed & also available for DIY Installation complete with all accessories required & tuition as well. We are also offering the CLIX ranges by Premium Floors & the Oakleaf HD Plus from Preference Floors.


The most refined laminate floor yet! The unprecedented attention to detail makes your laminate indistinguishable from real wood. The unique surface textures range from a waxed feel to a deep brushed grain & everything in between. You can even pre-feel them with your own feet as they are on display in our showroom. The waterproof surface is a huge bonus & pot plant overwatering proof!



Truly ‘majestical’, the extra large format boards which are 2050mm long & 240mm wide have such a natural look which makes this floor a perfect choice to be in proportion to the scale for large open spaces. This product offers all the benefits of a laminate floor but it does not look like one. Job done. Plus it has the water-proof surface as well.



Besides the ‘Impressive’ natural look & features, this range adds an extra layer of protection for areas under intensive use & is the only laminate in our collection that carries a 10 year commercial warranty – pretty ‘Impressive’ right. Important details worth noting – it’s 12mm thick & has a class 33 rating.



Probably our highest selling laminate floor. Why you ask? Because it’s awesome. This floor delivers on so many levels. Quality, looks, feels, colours, price point, 25year domestic warranty, 10 year wet warranty (that’s for your water-proof surface – pot plants beware!) That’s why it’s down on our display floor & hard to walk past if you haven’t already put up with us gushing about it. It just works, every time. So happy.



An oldie but a goodie. This classic range has been round for a while, like 20 years! It’s still kickin with the new cool kids because it offers a thinner width plank at 156mm wide & a non-bevel edge if you like a nice smooth surface. Some colours even offer a more ‘satin’ finish if you like cleaning a lot. We won’t mention Spotted Gum & Blackbutt. It also has a water-proof surface, however only a 5 year wet warranty.



These boards are slightly shorter in length, coming in at 1200mm. Some colours have a dark ‘fake bevel/join’ on the edge of the planks, which give plank definition on the floor which may suit you or not suit you. Great price point & warranty & 5 year wet warranty.



We have this on display in our showroom for a few reasons. There are some great colours in this range, it performs really well & it gives you a 20 year wear warranty with a 3 year water damage warranty. We have carried out significant testing on this product & it has really wowed us. If you’re looking for a lower cost floor, but still want peace of mind that you’re not going to wreck it by simply cleaning it, pop in, see if you like it & speak to us about using this product for your project.



Using the latest digital imaging technology, this range showcases popular Australian Timber species along with Oak & Hickory décors. Featuring a moisture protected treatment for the micro bevel edges along with an amazing 30 pattern repeats, these planks deliver all the natural charm & character you would expect from a natural timber floor with the boards measuring 2200mm in length. It also features a 48hr independently tested Water-Resistant core for when little accidents occur.