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Yes – Brands such as Quick-Step offer ranges that have both a water-proof surface & provide extra water-repellant technology for use around the perimeter in bathrooms are highly recommended for use in all areas of a domestic or commercial environment.
Check with us first to determine which product is most suitable for your project.
The actual product is, however, most vinyl products do not have a water-proof surface.
This means liquids can get through the joins and either affect the sub-floor underneath, or the adhesive used in glue down vinyl planks, which is not waterproof and will bubble under the flooring.
This is not a question that can answer yes or no as it is not comparing apples with apples. Please speak with us about which type of flooring is most suitable for your project as both flooring products deliver specific solutions which are quite different from each other & cannot be compared as a blanket rule.
Yes it is – All layers of engineered timber flooring are comprised of actual timber & often re-purposed or recovered timber products.
Depending on the brand, there could be blockwood, multiply, or HDF used for the core material, with a 2mm – 6mm sawn top layer, and a timber layer on the backing to balance the board.
See our blog to have a read of how engineered timber flooring was developed.
It means the wood from a broad-leaved tree (such as oak, ash, eucalypt) as distinguished from that of the wood from a conifer (such as pine, fir, or spruce).
It does not mean solid timber flooring, which is available in both hardwood & softwood species.
Hardwood timber species are ‘harder’ in the way they are generally a more durable, high quality option with long-lasting use for multiple purposes.
The lower density of softwood timber means it’s ‘softer’, weaker and less durable than hardwood in most cases.
You can usually tell them apart by how easily the flooring will dent when a fingernail is pressed into the timber.

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