Vinyl Flooring

For the record, vinyl still has a place, but is it at your place?

What does the word Hybrid mean to you? What does it mean in terms of flooring? Why should YOU choose Hybrid flooring?

We are talking about Hybrid Vinyl. It isn't laminate and isn't timber.

Hybrid Vinyl is available through many different brands and generally made up of the same ingredients (chalk and PVC), while some ranges use different components in the core materials, others offer upgraded surface specs.

You may have seen this floor type used and recommended for new homes, renovations and even commercial projects. It’s got a lot of air time - so is the popular hybrid kid the right kind of floor friend for you?

If you have your heart set on a relationship with Hybrid Vinyl, there are a couple of standouts from the crowd. Check out a few of our favourites below, with plenty more available we definitely recommend coming in for a design consultation with us to explore your options and discover if this is the best floor for you.

Pulse Rigid Hybrid Vinyl Plank
Pure Oak Blush
Cotton Oak Warm Grey
Cotton Oak Grey with Saw Cuts
Cotton Oak Beige
Autumn Oak Brown
Wild Spotted Gum
Urban Blackbutt
Sea Breeze Oak Natural
Sea Breeze Oak Light
Pure Oak Honey
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Pulse Rigid Hybrid Vinyl Plank

This hybrid vinyl flooring consists of about 40% chalk. A quarter is made from recycled PVC from the manufactures own production waste. Another quarter is made from what is known as ‘virgin’ or new PVC.

The plasticisers used to make the flooring flexible are the same as those used in children’s toys and food packaging and are, therefore, 100% ortho-phthalate free and safe for your home!

Its ultra-strong core and unique top layer protects against stains, scratches and impact damage, while the innovative click system ensures a fully waterproof floor, with a built-in underlay.

Titan Rigid Hybrid Vinyl
Warm Urban Oak
Stonewashed Spotted Gum
Spring Valley Oak
Spotted Gum
Sandblasted Blackbutt
Moonlight Gum
Frosted Iron Bark
Bleached Blackbutt
Alpine Grey Ash
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Titan Rigid Hybrid Vinyl

Titan Hybrid vinyl flooring is a rigid core flooring product, both beautiful and tough. The integrated acoustic underlay allows the click planks to be installed over all kinds of flat surfaces, and go down faster than ever.

The wide and long planks and their stunning designs reflect the beauty of real timber and emit a sense of warmth and style throughout your home.

On top of that, Titan Hybrid offers a complete solution with perfectly matching accessories for a beautiful finish of your floor.

Titan Rigid Hybrid Vinyl XXL Plank
Spotted Gum
River Sand Oak
Pale Slate
Midland Oak
Drift Wood
Brush Box
Blackbutt Select
Washed Oak
Tasmanian Oak
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Titan Rigid Hybrid Vinyl XXL Plank

The Titan Hybrid XXL range features extra-long and wide planks made from rigid core vinyl. Silent underfoot and soft to the touch, the Titan Hybrid XXL is the perfect selection for any home as it is fully waterproof and resistant to scratches and indentations. The planks are also fitted with an integrated acoustic underlay that allows the click planks to be easily installed on a number of surfaces.

Find the right true-to-nature floor design from this popular collection and enjoy the generous sized planks that perfectly reflect the hardwood detail and make any space feel larger. Complete the look with flooring accessories when you choose the Titan Hybrid XXL complete solution.

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