Considering A Dark Floor? Here’s What You Need To Know.

After seeing the above image, would you use darker floorboards in your home?

If anything was going to inspire you – the awesome atmosphere it creates will! And the chairs, we love the chairs!

We always mention to our clients that are looking to use darker flooring to make careful consideration whether they’re up for the kind of relationship that they come with. Darker flooring will show more dust, fibres, dirty footprints etc, which will require more regular dry & damp cleaning if you don’t want to see those things on your floor.

Also consider the direction of where your natural light will come from and if it will shine directly onto the floor? Because if it doesn’t, it makes a huge difference for what you will or won’t notice on the floor. There are also scratch fix pens & repair products available to minimise the look of white scratch marks that will occur over time in stained timber floors.

So yes, be prepared for a little more maintenance, a little more care (like mats at all your external doorways and shoes off inside).

And if after 20 years you’re just over it, you can sand it back to raw eventually & have a whole new colour to choose for the next 20 years!

If you are wanting a high performance darker floor, consider using the Quick-Step Perspective Nature, Majestic or Impressive products – the darker colours available in their ranges are stunning & provide amazing scratch & wear resistance along with their water-proof surface to give you peace of mind & far less maintenance is required.

So darker flooring could be just that bit easier for your cleaning routine & more time to chill out on your beautiful floor.

One of our favourite dark floor projects is on display in the gallery images below, using our DeMarque Ash Grey engineered timber flooring. To find out more about the different flooring styles used to create this space, head to our projects page and view ‘The Lanning’.

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