30 Years Later

Some words from us

What is it like to work at Town & Country Timber Flooring? And in the grand scheme of things – why would that matter to you?

This is an industry that is really misjudged & when our colleagues first begin with us, they always comment “I had no idea how many facets there are to working in a flooring business.” And they’re right, as we just take care of hard flooring, what is really involved in selling & installing floors? Upon reflection, those really are the operative words –‘take care.’

30 yrs 1

As a company, as a family, as friends, as colleagues – when we work with our clients – we do genuinely care about each other – it’s a long term relationship that we are building & we’re committed to it 100%. With any long term relationship – they have their ups & their downs… and it’s the same with being in business. You always give your best, yet sometimes things don’t always go to plan – so it’s how you handle those situations & achieve the best outcome for all that truly matters.

And we believe that we’ve had the privilege to be involved in so many of your lives & projects in our local area & beyond because of that. So many times one of us has made the comment, ‘there is no way we would knowingly recommend an unsuitable or inferior product to anyone, or compromise on the quality & consistency of our workmanship, because we will literally see you down the street next week, next year, in the next 30 years!’

And all of a sudden, it is 30 years later. YAY US.

30 yrs 2.1

We’re still here & want to be here, as we believe we have so much more to learn & provide our clients with each year as new technology becomes available with our products & our industry. If we can survive GFC’s, fires, rebuilding, COVID19, Lockdown boom, Cost Of Living Crisis & our recent renovations – we are determined to continue offering our clients the high quality of service & products they deserve through the next hurdle we face! With our amazing team (now mostly women), which has organically grown to give due attention to all the facets of our business that require change & development, expertise, professionalism, industry knowledge & customer service, we are so ready to take on the next 30 years!

And we want to thank all of you who have continued to support us through all the ups & downs…

30 yrs 2.2

From way back when Lindsay was first starting out on his own floor sanding & installing with Roslyn taking care of the business & the little boys running around, to when a 16 year old Matt was driving around on his L plates with Lindsay to work out your quotes, to our move to Wigg Street & rebranding, Darrens’ artistry with floor sanding & move to his own company, joining & gaining certification with the ATFA, Natalie’s determination for specifying flooring to suit each individual project, person & lifestyle becoming Quick-Step Master Installers & Quick-Step Premium Partners, Matt’s endurance & vision to ensure we are at the forefront of our industry in every way possible & now being surrounded by our entire supportive & collaborative team that has joined us of passionate floor lovers – there is no way we would be where we are now without them & our past TCTF graduates of course that we’ve had the pleasure to work with as well- and we look forward to what we can continue to achieve together in the wonderful world of flooring!

30 yrs 2.3

Thank you team TCTF!

Amanda McGregor (CustomerService Team Leader), Amanda R (Estimating & Quality Control), Georgia (Online & Graphics), Gary (Floor Sander, Prep & Install team), Jacinta (Office Co-ordinator), Jason (Schedule Co-Ordinator), Jasmine (Accounts Receivable), Jess (Showroom & Design Consultant), Josh (Floor Sander, Prep & Install team), Judy (Finance & Administration Support), Lindsay (Director), Linda (Finance Team Leader), Lyndele (Accounts Administrator), Matt (General Manager), Natalie (Business Relationship Manager), Naomi (Specialist Insurance Inspections & On-site Estimating), Peter (Operations),Roslyn (Accounts & Payroll), Shane (Custom Timber Work & Warehouse) & Tania (Showroom & Design Consultant), plus all our incredibly hardworking, caring & creative on-site flooring installers who keep everything to such a high standard – Adam, Gibby, Grant, Hamish, Hayden, Jake, Jordan, Paul, Shaun & Scott.


And if we don’t know you that well yet – please get to know us – pop in for a visit any time or book in for a masterclass & give us the opportunity to show you how we ‘take care’ of you & your flooring & why that matters so much to us & to you both now & for your future flooring happiness! 

30 yrs 2.4

Some things to know…

Whether you are a homeowner or trade professional, our team provides expert advice on which floor will work best for your unique environment and will complete your installation with care and skill.

Reach out to us to discuss your next project, and you will receive a free onsite quote and design consult for your home or business.

Our beautiful new website by Linchpin Digital is now live, so hop on the line, check it out & see what we’re all about, our latest products, news & trends at www.tctf.com.au.

If you would like any of your projects featured on our socials or online, please tag us, contact Natalie directly or @townandcountrytimberflooring & she’ll look after you.

We love your positive feedback & Google reviews – so please take the time to share with everyone what the TCTF experience is all about, or please speak with us personally if there is anything we can do to make your experience better.

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