Product: Wild River Rustic European Oak Engineered Timber Flooring

+ Application of Loba Invisible Protect 2pack water-based polyurethane

Classic_0003_Rustic Oak

The flooring was initially specified a year in advance with Loba Oil to be applied, which, as a natural floor oil requires consistent maintenance & re-oiling in areas as required – usually every few months for your high traffic areas & a good re-oil for the whole area every few years.

However, we had a chat before our work was completed & after more carefully discerning the needs of our clients, we opted to use Loba Invisible Protect 2pack water-based polyurethane instead.

This product is quickly becoming a popular option as it still achieves an ‘oil look’ matt surface, which is incredibly comfortable & easy to maintain, but less susceptible to liquids affecting an oiled surface if they are unable to be consistently maintained – because let’s face it – life is just so busy!

"We are really enjoying living on our beautiful timber flooring & are finding that the surface we chose looks great all the time & is super easy to clean with our robot vac friend & a damp mop every fortnight."

Demi & Jordan
Home Owners

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